Upcoming Liferay meetup in Exeter on 24th June

In recent years I’ve really enjoyed being part of the Liferay Portal open source community. For some time I have felt I should contribute something back beyond proving assistance to other members via message boards and such. For me, in order to participate offiline I have had to do a fair bit of travelling to London, Bristol, Worcestershire, Stockholm and Wiesbaden (Germany). I have enjoyed every meetup, but part of me wishes there was more of a community here in the South West of UK. To hopefully help build this I’ve organised a meetup in Exeter with talks that should be of interest to those with little or no exposure to Liferay Portal as well as the seasoned expert.

You can RSVP for the meetup here. If you intend to come, it is important you RSVP so I can ensure there is enough food and freebies (!) to go around.

To give you a heads up…

Liferay Portal is an open source project (50-150 daily commits) primarily written in Java. So if you are a Java developer living in the South West then this meetup should be interesting to you! What originally attracted me to it was the sheer number of open standards (and JSRs) that it implemented. It also comes with an open API and this is available over both SOAP and REST (JSON) with support for BASIC and OAuth authentication.

But even if you’re not a Java developer Liferay Portal has many features out of the box that you can leverage without coding. It provides good support for blogging, message boards, wikis, and documents management (inc. drop box style sync to devices) for example. Individually these features are good, but where Liferay Portal really shines is in how it combines all of these features under the umbrella of its asset and social frameworks. This lets you publish content based on tags or user activity.

If you want to go a step beyond content, then a web designer with some development skills will find Liferay Portal’s powerful CMS interesting. It lets you develop interesting applications using Velocity/Freemarker templates, web content and client side Javascript.

Finally, if you are an iOS or Android mobile apps developer, there is a SDK available for you which compiles local clients to the full open API mentioned earlier over REST.

Come along and meet a great bunch of open source enthusiasts!


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