The fall and rise of XForms

Yesterday I gave a talk about the W3C XForms specification at the @Exeter_Web ( web developer meetup. Unsurprisingly only 1 out of the 30 or so strong audience had heard of this specification and that’s why I called this talk “The fall and rise of XForms”. XForms really is one of the hidden gems of the web and there seems to be strong interest in learning more from many of those who attended. Hopefully we will have opportunity for more great conversations about this topic in the future and who knows, maybe next time you’ll be tell me about the great solutions you have been able to create using one of the many implementations of the specification. So if you found the talk interesting, why not leave me a comment below! The slides from the talk are available and linked from this post.


3 thoughts on “The fall and rise of XForms

  1. I personally was basically exploring for plans for my blog and
    located your blog post, “The fall and rise of XForms Metaphorm
    .blog”, will you mind in the event that I personally work with some of your own ideas?
    Appreciate it ,Norris

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